Thursday, August 19, 2010

Triple Question Marks

I've came across a couple, few dozen blogs lately with the subject of dating. One particular blog stated that the author was listed on several dating sites. Ok, I get the premise of this - screening, scanning, skeezing. What happened to good ol' fashioned meeting face to face for the first interaction whether it be at a social gathering, church function or reaching for the same box of KY at the super market? On line dating almost seems desperate to me like you aren't good enough to do it in person. You can be anyone in an online profile - rich, tall, 34DD, fun, outgoing, citizen of the year. You get the obscurities as well - people person, likes people, outgoing, loves life. Decades ago when people actually visited chat rooms & the first question was always A/S/L, because I am smart ass by my own rite my response would sometimes look like this - 43/M/Leavenworth, not really obscure but absolutely incorrect. Some of the dating stories I have read that involves meetings via dating websites is so unbelievable yet like a train wreck, you can't stop watching and reading. I guess better them than me...

Now what about chicks with long hair who pulls it forward? Like they are wearing a hair necklaces, a hair boa or a hair scarf. Do they not know they are hiding their breasts and I like to show mine off? They constantly pull it forward and smooth it out and it leaves this weird upside down "V" in the back of their head. It looks like the thought of pig tails entered their empty little heads but stifled out for whatever reason.

Onward & upward.


Heff said...

I like pigtails.

Anonymous said...

me, too


LOL I forgot about a/s/l I always thought that was so shallow. What difference did it make,no one was going to be meeting anyway. But they could commit to a chat unless you had the right A/S/L.

The Bug said...

I had a friend in high school who did the hair thing - except she had a Farrah Fawcett look going, so it was really fluffy laying on her chest like that. I friended her on FB & am glad to say that she doesn't do that anymore:)

My old boss met her husband online dating. She was in her mid 30s & was tired of the bar scene. Their twins are turning 3 this month. So, you know, SOMETIMES it works.

Little Red Writing Hood said...

Online dating. Something I have internally debated much and actually done for 30 days. Lemme tell ya. Picking out your 'profile picture' for that will be one of the most awkward things you ever do. If you're me anyway.

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