Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I came across a blog that's content is mostly geared toward Nikki Sixx. Now, as you all know how I love this man but am not overly insane as to you get a tattoo of his name, name my kid Nikki or stalk him (not that he knows anyway). The author of the blog is a 15 year old female and she says that Nikki saved her life. I can understand that - I would flail in the water just so he would and save me and perform mouth to mouth. The author gives a time line of her life and the first age mentioned is 5 years old when she attended her first concert - Godsmack and New Tattoo, sees Nikki for the first time and notes this concert had a huge impact on her life.

Who takes a 5 year old kid to a concert like this? I thought 5 year olds were into Spongebob and fruit roll-ups or am I just severly out of touch?


KrippledWarrior said...

Perverse world we live in. I'm still into Spongebob today.


I had a friend who was a lawyer[who worked for DA] who had to go to a Madonna concert to decided if it was obscene in a criminally prosecutable sense. I said CHARGE her !!!! LMFAO

She did not, but I think she should have because it is reckless to behave thay way when young, impressionable kids are at their concerts.
My first concert was 15- Van Halen.

I wore a pink dress and sandals and looked so out of place haha

* Tell ANYONE I wore a pink dress and you die! :)

Anonymous said...

Five? Yikes! The first concert I ever went to was Duran Duran. I was 11, and all my friends thought I was so cool. But we were in SkyBox that belonged to one of my Dad's clients so I don't even know if that really counts as going to the concert. But it was still fun. And no, it did not change my life. I don't have a tattoo of Simon LeBon on my hip.- G

Anonymous said...


SkitzoLeezra said...

5 year old at a rock concert = whore mom.

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