Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Thoughts 17

Who decided these food items together would be the gospel of certain combinations?:

Coffee & donuts
Milk & cookies
Chips & salsa
Steak & potatoes
Ravi & oli
Bacon & eggs

With these above perfect combinations in mind, let me give you a list of my weird eats:

Mayonnaise & field peas, black-eyed peas or purple hull butter beans
Pineapple & mayonnaise sandwich
Cheese pizza & chocolate pudding
New York Style cheesecake & marinara sauce
Cole slaw, grilled onions wrapped in a tortilla shell with cheese sauce

What time will you be over for dinner?


Anonymous said...

Those are interesting!

I love pickles and root beer together. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...


The Savage said...

Cole slaw, grilled onions wrapped in a tortilla shell with cheese sauce... o00o0o0o0 That sounds yummy!

The Bug said...

I agree with The Savage - I would eat the last one & I don't even like cole slaw (I know - shame on my NC self). I might would eat the mayo & beans too - because that's sort of like the kind of salad that you'd find at a church pot-luck. Those other things? Blech! Sorry, I know it's rude to knock other people's food.

I tried a new frozen dinner today that I thought would be GREAT. Butternut Squash Ravioli(the Healthy Choice one - I already love the Lean Cuisine one, but this one was on sale). I took a big bite & it tasted like ravioli with applesauce on it. They put APPLES in it. Blech. I just ordered a pepperoni & banana pepper pizza from the cafe next door to eat instead.

relevent married guy said...

ravi and oli..........what's wrong with you? ;)

Rathod Roshni said...

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