Monday, April 19, 2010


Sixteen years from now I will be 50 years old. I can't even imagine who I will be or where I will be. I fight time and aging every day - anti-aging detoxifying face scrub, skin renewal moisturizer with an SPF of 15, anti-fatigue eye cream, age defying make-up, anti-wrinkle lip stick but ultimately time will march on across my face not caring what numerical age I reach. Everyone is always in a hurry to grow up then everyone grows up and tries to slow down. I believe the years between 30 - 60 are lost in some sort of accelerated time warp. "It's important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle". ~~ Author Unknown

For no reason today, in the early hours of the morning I cried. I sat on the edge of a bed looked at the ceiling and cried. No sobbing, no wailing, no snot mustaches just silent tears. We, you and I, cry for all sorts of reasons - sadness, happiness, because your pants won't button, because something is so funny, because something touches us, because our heart is broken, because we broke a heart and because of physical pain but the tears are the same. Why is that? "Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it". ~~ Albert Smith


Bombshell BLISS said...

I turn 50 next February. I'm so exited I can't stand it. I've earned every wrinkle. I plan to celebrate each one!

Of course it's all related to the fact that I can still kick every 20year old's butt and a pithy ability to use my forked tongue.

The Bug said...

I'm 4 years away from 50 - & I'm relieved that I'm not QUITE old enough to really be your mother - although TECHNICALLY I could have been.

I've been getting my feelings hurt lately (which is weird because I'm not usually that person - do you think menopause takes away your thick skin? Am I in menopause? Yikes!). ANYWAY, there's been some random crying. And you know, it really does help. This way I don't embarrass myself by telling the person they hurt my feelings.

Anonymous said...

Love that qoute from that Albert guy. It is true after a good cry you somehow feel better!

The Savage said...

I too am about 16 years from fiddy...

Rathod Roshni said...

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