Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soon To Be Mrs. Sixx

MÖTLEY CRÜE/SIXX A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx, who turned 51 in December, has confirmed the end of his two-year relationship with 27-year-old tattoo artist and "L.A. Ink" star Kat Von D (born Katherine Von Drachenberg).

"I want to wish Katherine nothing but the best in her life," Sixx writes on his MySpace page. "She has loved and inspired the hell outta me and I know I have done the same for her in these almost two years we ruled the earth together.

"We are taking a break from our relationship for reasons that we will choose to keep personal. You won't find me saying a bad word about her and I don't believe vice versa… We have too much wonderful history together to ever deface that."

The reasons they are choosing to break - well its just one really - ME. The picture below will be in the newspapers announcing our engagement (no gifts please).


Bina said...

And he sounds like a GREAT guy! You two sure look good together.

f1trey said...

can i be ring bearer?

you by chance couldnt get the other girls phone number could you? LOL

RayeLee said...

LOL! I better get an invite. Or maybe not... I might try and steal him... :)

KrippledWarrior said...

Congratulations. I think!

BlazngScarlet said...

See? All the perseverance paid off!

Anonymous said...

I already knew you did.

JLee said...

Wow! I didn't even realize he and Kat were dating. Well, you better start getting tatted and pierced for the nuptials! ;)

The Savage said...

You sure I can't get you a bottle of Kettle One or something?

Tom Bailey said...

Interesting age difference.

So many found memories of their music.

"Too young to fall in love" (the song) comes to mind in this post... He is "only" 51.

Thanks for sharing.

Tom Bailey

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