Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who Is That?

I am a HUGE fan of Post Secret. I literally salivate every Sunday morning when I'm getting my full dose of Sunday Secrets. I bought one of the Post Secret books today. As I was flipping through, I came across a secret on page 265. The secret reads "I still wonder what life would be like if I'd just had the courage to tell her...we haven't spoken in 5 years and I'm happily married". The secret features a picture of a girl. Without a doubt - without a single doubt - the girl is me. I've asked several people if they think the picture is me and the answer is "yes". I did not submit the secret but I can't help think about who might have. I have tried to remember what, when or how this picture was taken. I have no idea whom I haven't spoken to in 5 years. I am not flattered, upset or bewildered. Okay, maybe a bit bewildered. I've had the book in possession for 8 hours and I am fully consumed with the secret.

What would you think or do?


Brandi said...

Hmm, kinda creepy. Hopefully you can find out who made it? I love Post Secret, too. :)

Sarah said...

NO WAY! How weird!

Courtney said...

I too LOVE Post Secret.

ps: thanks for stopping by my blog!...and yes, my rents are 100% living on the edge. Those crazy rule breakers!

The Bug said...

At my age I would probably be all flattered that someone was thinking of me - unless it was a stalker or something...

f1trey said...

ya gotta know...... who is it?? i know you! your not saying!

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