Saturday, June 20, 2009

Love Story

I was watching Rocky Balboa. In one scene Rocky & Paulie visit the apartment that Rocky first walked Adrian home to. In the movie Adrian has died & every year whether on their anniversary or her birthday he relives their life. Visits the apartment, the pet store where he first saw her, takes flowers and sits by her grave. Endearing and tearful because he loved her and misses her so much. Which brings me to this blog post. What is the greatest love story ever told? One from the big screen, your parents or the one you're in? Maybe its something out of the norm, something like the love one may have for handbags, chap stick or Nikki Sixx. But I think those border on obsession. Obsession is not to be confused with love. Like a boy and his dog or a man and his car - those are love stories of sorts.

My grandmother told my granfather once - "if I die and you remarry I will sit on your head board every night". Love or slight dementia?

My greatgrandfather -once said of my great-grandmother who had passed away 8 years prior after (over) 60 years of marrirage - "I sure do you miss that woman. She was a fine woman and the love of my life". Loneliness or true love?

"They" say there is someone for all of us. We have no instruction manual or any GPS that points us toward that person. Just two people flailing around in the big world looking for something and have no idea what it is. When we find that person or they find us what story will we have to tell? A love story or a horror story?


Bina said...

I wish I had a love story, I really do. And I don't personally know anyone that has one.

But, my friend Leah's grandmother is 90. She has friends that have been married for 64 years! Leah said these two do absolutely nothing without the other. The man can't sleep well at night and about 2:00 AM, he will get up and go in the living room to sleep and his wife always goes with him and sleeps in her chair. She said, "Those two can't fart without the other one". You know it's love when you have been married THAT long!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Absolutely lived a love story, not once, not twice, but three times. I believe it comes to us if we allow it. Sub-consciously we may not be allowing it, when we need to protect ourselves or when we're just not ready for the right one. But it also has to do with who we each are, as individuals. What is love for my Sagittarian soul, may not be so for another.

I do not feel free without my crackberry because I am already so disconnected from everyone in my life, by several states. My amount of alone time more than makes up for that feeling of being "tied" to anything. I have definitely created my own island, and it is what makes me feel more "tied" than anything technologically-based.

Thanks so much for your comment. I too adore Nikki Sixx, and respect his struggle to live clean from heroin. He inspires me in many ways.

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