Sunday, June 14, 2009

Duh-Ooooh Over

Right now, if Robin Williams appeared to you as a blue genie and offered you a wish, but the wish was already chosen for you and it was for a life do-over would you take it? Would you undo every aspect of your entire life or only small parts? One big part or none at all? Would you study harder in school? Make the leap for college? Not smoke that first cigarette or take that first drink that led to many many more? Not make fun of the fat kid? Rekindle an old flame? Leave the shitty relationship you're in? Not have children? Have more children? Or maybe it would be something as trivial as not driving across loose sand?

I would definitely take the do-over. All those times I made my mom worry, I would undo everyone of them. When someone did something to me that I knew was wrong, I would not keep it to myself for fear of being seen as the one to blame.

All of the bad things I've seen, heard and been a part of doesn't define who I am today but are a part of me. I refuse to be a statistic but sometimes it's hard not to become a small one.

Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe our do-over starts then.


Frank said...

I try not to think about all the stuff in my life that I've screwed up and would like to fix. Dwelling on that tends to get me nowhere. While I honor the past, it is the present and future I focus on :)

Bina said...

I would take the do-over, probably every single aspect. But if I had just the major one, born to a parent/parents who actually loved me, I probably would be where I am today, which is allowing myself to continually be taken advantage of.

Thanks for stopping! I love your desing!

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