Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tips Of Her Fingers

Once upon a time in a placed filled with debauchery and chaos there was a girl, Stacy, who lived a big hair dream. The big hair dream involved black hair dye, lots of Aqua Net and the desire for a man with the name of Sixx. One day the box office opened and tickets for a grand gala went on sale. As Stacy sold her favorite leather pants autographed by Yngwie Malsteen and her fanciest skull ring, she stood in line to purchase tickets for the grand gala. While in line she met another girl, Tracy, vying for the love of the man with the name of Sixx. As they both approached the front of the box office line the competitiveness grew. They each began to tease their hair to the heavens, apply more black eyeliner and expose their Too Fast For Love tattoos. Just as they were about to close in on the front of the line Stacy quickly pointed in the opposite direction and shouted "Vince Neil!", Tracy unknowing this act of trickery looked in that direction as she did that Stacy bolted to the ticket office window and purchased the last front row concert seat available. Tracy, clearly unhappy, began to spew obscenities at Stacy and tear at her fish net stockings exposing an entire body tattoo of the man with the name of Sixx. Stacy smiled smugly and said "girl, don't go away mad, girl just go away" as she crawled into her 1981 Trans Am and sped off.

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