Sunday, February 22, 2009

Resist This

I was listening to a song and one verse in this particular song suddenly stood out to me "there are somethings in life you should resist". Quickly the wheels began to turn. What in our lives should we resist? Drugs, sex and rock n roll because they all could lead to much darker situations? Because their the devil's hands? Bad advice which from my experience is always taken over the good? Pass on the extra gravy and have another helping of the bland veggies? Finding temptation is never hard due to the fact it finds me but resisting said temptation is when the brow really begins to sweat. When you think about it, most things we enjoy are sinful and we knowingly enjoy them over and over, never minding the price we may have to pay later. Why is being bad so much easier than being good? Example: being fat is so much easier than being skinny and we all know that gluttony is a sin, but we continually shovel in bite after bite because it tastes good, feels good. Another area where restraint should be practiced is bad relationships. Even if there is one inkling the person might be detrimental to our health, we throw caution to the wind and head right on in. Why not? Its all about living in the moment right? Why do we not protect ourselves as we should? Is resistance the same as perseverance or is perseverance the same as no resistance? Either way, its a crap shoot, just roll the dice.

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