Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Early at the polls this morning, I quickly became #50 in line. Waiting for nearly one hour for the polls to open, I was very glad to be #50 and not #1491. As I made my way into the gymnasium to show my ID and get my ballot and secrecy folder, I felt I was completing a very important civic duty. As I watched the crowd, I noticed a very elderly man with his elderly escort cast their ballots. The gentleman was in very poor condition, barely able to walk without help of his escort and walker. I felt so patriotic at that moment that I almost began to cry. This was the first election that I have ever taken part it in and right now at this moment, I feel very good about my choice. As I cast my ballot I realized that today, November 4, 2008, I became a part of history.

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