Friday, September 19, 2008

For Real?

What seems like seconds ago, a friend of mine told me that "they" were getting a divorce. While not shocked, my heart immediately ached. My lungs closed in tightly around my heart as to hug it and my stomach reached upward and placed a large band aid on it. I guess forever really isn't forever anymore, its just a short period of time. Divorce for most these days is just as easy as changing jobs and I can certainly vouch for that. In a former career, I was completely content in my held position but my co-worker and colleague clearly had higher aspirations for themselves moving up the corporate ladder, so I found myself quickly demoted. Years ago, a former roommate of mine was experiencing turbulent divorce waters as I was moving into her home. At that time in my very inexperienced life, I had no idea of how she felt or what she was dealing with but after walking a mile in her so called shoes, I found myself a couple of years later eating my own words and thoughts about what she had endured. No doubt, divorce is the worst roller coaster ride I have ever been on, which included but was not limited too bouts of nausea and vomiting. But, this is the land of plenty and we are free to choose and do as we will, all within certain legal boundaries and there is nothing more legal than divorce proceedings. After all, the chief cause of divorce is marriage and 100% of all divorces begin in marriage.

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