Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Grandchild

I am not political in any respect. Actually I have never even voted nor do I know the difference between the democratic and republican platforms. It is a right I exercise. Regardless if I vote or not, tomorrow I will still have to get up and go to work, pay taxes and start my diet all over again. However, I am interested in the world's take on Governor Palin's pregnant, unmarried seventeen year old daughter. Obviously not planned, but Bristol could have not have picked a worse time to become so "delicate". A teenage pregnancy surely isn't anything to roll out the red carpet about but you can just bet a mud laden carpet will surely show itself. Bristol was only doing what most of us are doing, have done or will do in our lives, she just simply got caught. I am not condoning teenage sex or teenage pregnancies but it is something I can't control much like people who abuse the system or hurricane season. Teenagers are curious by nature and today children and adolescents mature quicker than ever. What is a fourteen year old girl supposed to do with a body of a 26 year old woman? Again, I am not saying that sex at an early age should be overlooked or praised. Personally, I don't believe Governor Palin's daughter pregnant or not should have any bearing on the upcoming presidential elections. I would hope all emotions on Governor Palin's part and everyone else involved would be removed and she'll do what is right for America. Children of presidential front runners should be off limits regardless of grades, music choices, super hero preference, pregnant or not, and, I never take up for children.

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