Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, Schmuesday

My mind is a blank and its only Tuesday. Three more days and a wake-up right? I tell myself I can do anything for 3 days but there are 5 more days the next week and the next and so on. I thought this morning - what is a fabulous job? Certainly mine is not fabulous. Okay, its fabulous on pay days. Trophy wife, now there is a fabulous job. All you have to do is look pretty. Speaking or cooking is probably not even a required skill. A rock star is probably a pretty fabulous gig, too. Oooohhh....rock star girlfriend - but that probably falls under trophy wife somehow. How about a Nascar driver? You drive two hours per week - and whether you win or not you still get your share of the pot. Example, you finish 41st in a race. You get $90,000. The race is 400 miles - that equals $225.00 per mile. An over the road truck driver will drive 500 miles in one day and gets $.43 per mile. Do the math folks - $215.00 per 8 hours. Seems hardly worth the effort compared to driving around in circles for thousands of dollars. It is a fact, the less you do in the working world the more you make. But on a lighter note - this is the land of plenty and the land of opportunity. We should not be bound by anything and do and be exactly what we want. Whether its a Wall Street banker, a heart surgeon, a newspaper hawker or arm candy. This is America - I can and will be bought!

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