Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Recently I have seen ads in magazines and on TV encouraging me to send money to fight for global warming. Now, I am not opposed to give money for issues that can be helped by money. But global warming? How can my gift of $25 help repair the ozone or rising sea levels? Its like asking for donations to ward off hurricanes or bear attacks. Picture this, a man is walking in the woods when a bear appears on an open trail roaring and ready to attack then a voices comes through his ear piece -"Black Bear 3, this is Spawning Salmon, disengage, a $25 donation just came in from Alabama...abort, abort." I mean what is the money used for? The salaries for the company's employees appearing in the commercials or the large building (do you think the building has energy efficient lighting) which houses the business? Paper information(which uses energy and trees to create)? TV ads (which uses energy to make and for the TV's to be on while seeing the ad)? I think people (volunteers) in places such as Wal-Mart, airports and car lots would be more appropriate. Example - place a volunteer in the light bulb aisle. As one consumer reaches for regular light bulbs, the volunteer can give a brief speech on energy use of regular light bulbs vs. CFL and then threaten to break their knee caps if the more eco-friendly purchase is not made. Same said for plastic water bottles - consumer reaches for the pack of water. Hand comes out from shelf, smacks the consumers hand, makes gesture of "uh, uh, uhhh" and then gives them a stainless steel re-usable water bottle. At the car lot - as the SUV is being test driven, a volunteer can pop up from the back seat and inform the possible consumer that purchase of this vehicle will shorten the existence of our world by 3 years.

In truth we could all make more climate friendly choices with little effort. Here's a daily mantra for you "I love Mother Earth and she loves me".

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