Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Lone Coyote

I was driving to work this morning preparing my mind and body for the day by listening to Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) and the Saints of Los Angeles (Motley Crue). I was just east of the Malbis exit on I-10 when I spotted a coyote jogging down the median. I wanted to pull over on the side of the intersate and just watch him. It must have been part of his morning workout routine or maybe he was just coming in from a long night because he looked exhausted. Not too long ago I saw a coyote in the same spot sunbathing around lunch time. It broke my heart to know that coyote was evicted from his forest home and now has to live by the highway. I believe the coyote is to this part of the country as the hyena is to Africa. A scavenger, a thief. However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for all animals including the would be John Gotti's and the Ozzie & Harriet's of the carnivore world. Maybe if I were the Road Runner I might not feel the same for the coyote. I wonder what Mother Nature thinks of all the greedy, over builders that drives her animals from their natural habitats and forces them to live among the very people who caused them to flee their homeland? Come to think of it, I think that coyote had an Acme box under his arm.

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