Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bridal Shower

We've all been to one. Some of us have had one. I am talking about bridal showers. I attended one yesterday. A good ole fashioned Sunday afternoon, shrimp salad, non-alcoholic pink sherbert punch bridal shower. I only attended because my mother asked me to go. We arrive in our sassy dresses & sassy shoes. Best smile and best foot forward. Greeted at the door by someone we didn't know. Stood beside more people we didn't know. Then we see the bride to be, we hug. While I hug her - I wanted to whisper to her - you are too young, live a little you before you give up you to become a we and there is a over 50% chance you'll get a divorce. But of course I held my tongue and just smiled. We ate the bridal shower fare and then were ushered to a larger room where the bride to be would open her gifts. Before any gift opening begins, each of us has to introduce ourselves to everyone else. Finally, she opens the gifts. The very first gift she opens is from me. The second from my mother Hallujeiah! I thought to myself, we can leave now! We came, we saw, we smiled and we gave. Of course that didn't happen. I had to sit through the oooohing and ahhhhing of towels, a garter, picture frames and of course the grand finale - place settings of china. Every gift I had to see her open just reminded me of what I didn't have. Not materially but emotionally. The bride was so happy and everyone around was happy for her. Everyone but me. At one point I thought I was going to cry but I bit my lip and thought about the vodka waiting for me at home. Will I ever be happy celebrating milestones such as these for other people?

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