Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Early this morning I was flipping through the TV channels and found a music video I'd never seen. The song is All The Same and the band is Sick Puppies. The video shows a man, who resembles a cross between Shooter Jennings & Jesus, holding a sign that reads "Free Hugs". Crowds are walking by giving him the "WTF is up with that" look. A small, older lady reads his sign, walks toward him, he then bends down and they hug. So begins the domino effect of hugging strangers & he ends up with over 7,000 strange hugs. The video fueled my head for the day.

There is an email that floats through our in-boxes at least twice a year and in the body of the email is a couple of inspirational quotes "be kind to everyone because you never know what type of struggle they are facing" & "smile, its the best accessory you have". I am not always kind and I do not always smile. Usually when neither of those are happening its because my meal is being interrupted by a small child with lungs of an Olympic swimmer or someone is talking very loudly on a cell phone. Me, being the ever so wickedly insightful person, assumes the child is a spoiled brat and the phone call is some type of "hook-up". Chances are I am 70% wrong 100% of the time. The child might be sick, tired or both and the cell phone talker may be receiving some tragic news. Shouldn't everyone I make eye contact with be deserving of a smile or a kind word? How about a wink of the eye or the peace sign? If each of us took the extra second to go the extra mile, we might just be able to save the world. You never know what a compliment or a grin might do for someone. It may lift their spirits or it might be just the encouragement they were looking for to rob the bank. I believe it is a chance worth taking...so go hug someone!

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