Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday. Again.

Two glorious days of doing nothing behind me catapults me into a new week. How pathetic are you when you just long for Thursday afternoon because you know Friday is just beyond the horizon? I often refer to Thursday as Friday Eve. It gives it the zing that it often lacks. Sunday morning comes and I cringe because I know in less than 24 hours the work will begin. How can one loathe the work week so much at the ripe and zesty age of 33? Again, who said lets work five days and take two off? Its not that my calling card for the weekend is full of parties or entertaining. As a matter of fact, this weekend was very low-key. The weather was nasty and it was Father's Day. Not to say that Father's Day is not something to look forward too but if you include church, Sunday lunch and the travel time its a whole day. I shopped with my grandmother and mother all day Saturday. Might I add, I am not a shopper. When I am heading to a store I know exactly what I am looking for. I know its crazy - a chick who doesn't care for shopping. I would imagine if men read this, I would have a line of them wrapped around my neighborhood waiting to ask for my hand in marriage. We began the shopping excursion at 9:17 am and finished around 4:17 pm. Do the math folks - thats 7 hours. I did manage to squeeze in a nap late Sunday afternoon. I love napping. It was my second career choice over beer. Beer obviously won. If napping had won I wouldn't be whining about working 5 days a week. There's no whining in napping! With that said, Is It Friday Yet?

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