Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our New Home

There have been many that were driven by, shown and called about. Then one day I kept hearing this noise, muffled but sounded like a grown man, like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz saying "Buy me, buy meeee". I finally figured out what it was - it was the house across the street. Right across the street! The house went on the market on a Friday. We called the realtor on a Saturday. Scheduled a showing for Sunday. Made an offer Monday & it was accepted. Hallejuiah! At that moment, that very single moment our lives changed forever. Its no secret we have been living together for 4 years as renters and never really thought buying a home together would happen. After everything was set into motion the house would wink at me when I drove by. It also offered good mornings, good nites and what's for dinner. It was comforting knowing that something wanted us as bad as we wanted it. The outside color is a very handsome khaki with white trim & black shutters. There are 3 sycamore trees in the front yard. The kitchen is red, bathroom, hallway, living room & entry way are yellow. Bedrooms are taupe and the dining room is khaki. There is an indoor laundry room and a wood deck on the back. The backyard is fenced and surrounded by trees. There is also a time-out kennel for the pups (it has not been used). Gracie (basset hound) was a little sad about moving because her boyfriend (a Boxer mix named Rico) lived behind us in the rental home. I reminded her that men are like buses - one comes along every 20 minutes. Gracie said I didn't undertand that it wasn't puppy love and I told her she would see in time. The other 3 dogs had no issues with moving. They were looking forward to some new scenery. With mountains of paperwork and the back breaking move behind us - we can now say "Welcome to our happy home!"

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