Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How I Roll

Its a better day by way of I didn't forget any part of my make-up routine . Its not a better day because of my hair. It was just too humid this morning. Humidty with my hair does not a good hair day make. Ever look at someone and upon seeing them its like a million tiny shards of glass spewing from your brain? I get that often. I work with a couple of colorful characters. Somedays I just want a tub of popcorn so I can sit back and watch their worlds unfold. But I have to settle for just sitting at my desk, eating peanut butter and watching them walk by. I try not to engage in conversation with them but most days its forced upon me. I attempt to be clever and not make eye contact as to say I am really busy but it doesn't always work. That's it today - short & sweet.


Kaazz said...

Im reading and quite enjoying! I get a kick out of your creative descriptions - they are awesome! I need to start doing this - of course I know I wouldnt be near this interesting - or funny! Elaborate more - Im still trying to imagine what is more important than mascara! HA HA

Miss Ya!

Rathod Roshni said...

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