Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All that blabbing....

For nothing. My "monthly friend" arrived yesterday evening. After many delays and circling the runway for two weeks it has arrived with such vengeance. But its cool. Its part of being a chick. Occasionally in my younger and more OH MY GOSH, IF I AM PREGNANT MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME! days I would have been sweating more than bullets. But now, there is no longer the sweating of bullets but more of Oh wow, this could be it. I could be a mother. Its no secret I do not like kids. I can only assume I would love my own, maybe even like them. I wonder sometimes what type of mother would I be. I tell myself I would be a disciplining, caring, loving, understanding, putting myself in their shoes type. Not the soccer mom, honor roll bumper sticker having, losing my own indentity type. But I know how I am with my dogs. One dog eats toliet paper, eats her own bed, picture frames, even stands in the middle of the coffee table. I do not scold her because by the time I find the situation, it has passed. She knows she has done wrong and I just let it go. Another one sleeps in the bathtub - and I allow it. Maybe I will be this forgiving with my own children. Some people say "Children and dogs are not the same." To them, they are not. I don't have children, so therefore I say they are. My dogs are my children today.

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