Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kimberly and the City

It is 5 days or 120 hours or 7,200 minutes or 43,200 seconds before I make touch down in New York City.    I am very excited and this will be my first trip to any place above Maryland on the East Coast.  I deactivated my Facebook account not long ago but I plan to return to the social media outlet so I can upload pictures and share my New Yorkness with those who care to view them.

I'll be touching down at Laguardia Airport and taking a cab right into Times Square, checking into the hotel, getting my things to my room & immediately exiting the building to hit the streets of  'ol New York.  First order of business - enjoy a cosmopolitan or two.  After getting my drink on, I will go directly to Louis Vuitton on 5th Avenue & make a milestone purchase for myself - the iconic Speedy 30 bag with the traditional LV logo (seriously, a dream purchase for me). (Yep, Sex and the City has totally raised the bar on my expectations for this excursion)

Wow, I feel woozie already.

Times Square


Liquid Refreshment

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store - 5th Avenue - NYC

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