Monday, July 2, 2012

*Double Super Sigh*

Between Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell possibly being the anti-christ...

& Danny Zuko possibly being a pole smoker...

the world as we know it has some serious issues.


Wil said...

And I guess the world you live in isn't very PC either huh? LMAO!

Red Shoes said...

Being PC is over-rated...



That Hubbard fuck once said that religion was a great money making scam and that he should invent one and get rich. So he did!

Where have you been btw?

Kimberly said...

Wil - PC? Potatoes & cabbage?

Shoes - you like potatoes & cabbage too?

Uberbitch - Canada!

Heff said...

Tom Cruise and John Revolting should just go ahead and hook up. It's GOING to happen.

Wil said...

Potatoes & Cabbage for everyone!

Rathod Roshni said...

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