Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Found Me How?

I love the little Feedjit thing. I love to see how people stumbled here by the words used in their searches. Here are a few of late:

Daily Boob
The Daily Boob
Daily Boob Pics
Save the Ta-Tas
Mini Motley
Nikki Sixx Now
I'm sorry I haven't apologized I was too proud

Seems its all about the boobies!


The Bug said...

LOL. Mine are mostly about bugs, but the one I like best is "Pecan that looks like brain" - ha!

Heff said...

It's ALWAYS all about the boobies.

Hey, how's about cutting off the word verification feature that blogger mandatorily added awhile back.

My verification words weren't ANY FORM of "Jugs", and that pisses me off.

KittyCat said...

Yes yes
I miss that
So entertaining
Now that my blog is private
No one searches me :( boo goo

The Dental Maven said...

The Mave needs to blog more about Ta-Ta's and less about teeth...

BamaTrav said...

Heff, I have seen YOUR boobs

BamaTrav said...

Which was really to say, that I have seen Heff's, a side shot of yours and then I have seen.....I mean we are talking boobs here.

Kimberly said...

Bug - whose brain looks like a pecan?

Heffery - Yes. No. So what.

Kitty - what if your privates were a blog?

The Mave - well, there is more money in boobs than teeth.

Travis - You've never seen anything that I have.

BamaTrav said...

I have seen your scar you tard. Everyone who comes over here has seen ol "side boob" Kimmerly.

Heff said...

"Heffery", MY ASS.

I'm from the upper-crust Heff family.

That's "Hefferson" to you, Kimmrly !

Kimberly said...

The Mave - call me. Hefferson has my digits....

The Dental Maven said...

You got it Kimmer...

BlazngScarlet said...

It's always about the Boobs.



Heff has been calling you?

You two timing love rat,bastard!

You too, Heff!

*Stomps off to get my Uzi!

BamaTrav said...

All of my love Kimberly.

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