Monday, February 6, 2012

The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf

There comes a point in every one's life when we try to grasp onto anyone, anything. When we try to stir a pot or plant a seed seeking attention. But what happens when all attempts fail? Do you keep seeking or do you realize that you have burned every bridge you've ever built? Now just in case you are wondering - this little sad post is not about myself reaching out but about others who say the most ridiculous things, conjure up unbelievable lies (never any proof up front) trying to get a reaction. Even when a reaction isn't given in return - they still keep poking and prodding. How can a life be so empty that they feel like they have to dump lies on people to justify their existence & if confronted, of course there is always an excuse of it being a joke.

Sad, isn't?


Heff said...

Terribly sad.

Choleesa said...

sad and desperate.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Maybe He is in heat because He can't stop looking at your dog ass avatar.

By the way, that was a joke...

Multiple blog identities and email addresses NOT INCLUDED.

JLee said...

I think a support group may be in order...

Shelly Rayedeane said...

A Napoleon Syndrome Support Group?
No thanks.

If I felt like fucking an oompa loompa, I would have already moved to Kentucky and started writing a boring blog about jockeys.

(That was so mean, but it felt so good.)


Well, I dunno.....depends how entertaining it is and how salacious the lies are ,really. I am all up for it if it's about me-or Jlee!

JUst trying to be optimistic.

I think we should start our own lies!

Heff is really a woman posing as a male writer!

I have seen 'his' vagina.

For real!

No lie!

[and I know that his 'his' boob, you keep posting!]

Heff said...



Knockers? Stop exaggerating like a man, Heffy. So far we have only see the evidence that you have ONE knocker!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

In all seriousness, just realize if you link your blog to hackers, expect perception manipulation from them.

It's not a joke actually.

The multiple blogs are for a reason.


Remove the person's link, don't email the person any more, put a trap on your phone from the police department (like I've done), and the asshole will eventually shut down his blog again and move elsewhere.

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