Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Band Perry

I am not one to knock anyone's dream down & dreamers I am speaking of are The Band Perry. I have lived in Mobile, Alabama since 1992 & until 2009 had never heard of them. Their claim is to be from Mobile. I never once saw them at any country music joint, Bay Fest, any Mardi Gras function or heard an interview on a local radio station

"Daddy rocked us to sleep with the Rolling Stones; Mama woke us up with Loretta Lynn. So we get it honest." - Kimberly Perry

"Even as the three worked in different bands, the siblings would spend nights at
home playing together: "I remember sitting out on our front porch singing old Hank
Williams and Bobbie Gentry songs in three-part harmony, hoping to channel the spirits
of old country through musical séance while fighting off the southern Alabama
mosquitoes," says Kimberly.

The three have always felt the drive to perform and create music, sweating out the
summers in Mobile, Alabama playing in any dusty roadhouse or church that would have them.

The Band Perry's ages = Kimberly - 1983, Reid - 1988, Neil - 1990

Other Mobile natives who aren't national sensations and play local gigs are Wes Loper & Dan Eubanks.

Now don't get me wrong - I do like The Band Perry (alot) but there didn't seem to be any struggle to get to the top & all this twangy, sentimental stuff about being from Mobile is a bit much....


Megan said...

I just kind of accidentally stumbled across your blog, and I'm glad I did. I'm actually from Jasper, AL and I feel the same way about the sentimental stuff - a bit overkill.

Nice blog! I'll be following.

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