Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of A Christmas Birthday

For those of you who know me, who think you know me and who want to know me, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. What makes Christmas even more special is it's also my birthday month - December 25th to be exact. Trust me on this, if I don't announce it to everyone and revel in the joy myself no one else will because it always gets lost in other excitment and festivities.



JLee said...

So you get the ol' "combo gift" eh? ;) That sucks!

Heff said...

You know what they say - "Toot your own horn, if you can reach it".

The Bug said...


Choleesa said...

Its my birthday too!!!
The combo gift always sucked.
I will definitely be tooting my horn.
I'll toot yours too, ya know? to show solidarity for all the Christmas babies out there.....
24 more days!!!!

Wil said...

1 - I've got your combo gift right here.

2 - I would like to see Choleesa toot your horn.

middle child said...

Yeah, but if you have to share a birthday with someone...who better?

Kimberly said...

JLee - Never a combo gift but the combo card - Merry Birthday!

Heff - who can't reach their own horn?

Choleesa - let's celebrate like the fabulous bitches we are!

Wil - for a small fee I am sure she and I could arrange that.

Middle - you got it.


Personally I think you're Rosemary's baby. :)

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