Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gone with the Boob

Day 14. Looking better. The area around the incision is hard and the area aches. Weird and not wonderful.


The Bug said...

I had that same experience with my scar. I was afraid I'd have this hard ridge forever, but three months on (exactly!) and half a bottle of Vitamin E oil later it's not a mountain range anymore. It's still tender sometimes, & a little bumpy, but I have hope for the future!

Anonymous said...

Still looks good.

Choleesa said...

scars add personality...
looks like its healing nicely

Wil said...

I'm just wondering what body part we can move on to when this series ends.

Word Verification - "disco" WTF?

Heff said...

Sorry I've been away.

Did I miss breakfast ?

Anonymous said...

Less scar, more nipple.

Kimberly said...

Bug - and what an experience it is.

Travis - you wear glasses?

Choleesa - I don't need anymore character. Vodka has given me plenty.

Wil - it will be the other boob.

Heff - White Russians for brunch, lunch, dinner & brinner.

Travis - *slap

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