Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Daily Boob

Exactly one week after surgery. The incision is vertical on the side of my right breast and is about 2 inches long. The area around the incision became irritated from the bandaging which is why it looks so funky.



Heff said...

After seeing that pic, the incision's not the ONLY THING that's two inches long !

WAIT, WHAT ?!?!?

BlazngScarlet said...

You're healing nicely.

@Heff - 2in of fury eh?! lol

Kimberly said...

Heff - what type of society are living in when the sight of a mauled breast causes excitment?

Scarlet - he told on himself, didn't he?

Heff said...


Shrinkage, damnit, "SHRINKAGE" !!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you bobbed when you should have weaved. Or should you have boobed????


Will that leave scarring? Maybe you should look into surgical tape to reduce scarring?

Kimberly said...

Uberbitch - vaseline will help minimize the scar. Don't worry, you'll see the finished product.

Kimberly said...

Travis - its called the Daily BOOB for a reason.

Choleesa said...

Wow!!!! Im glad your got your girls taken care of.....The one I could see is magnificent, and Im suddenly feeling very very tiny........wowzers.

Wil said...

Hey, this isn't where I parked my car.

Bina said...

Bandaging does that to me too. When I had my second carpel tunnel surgery in June, they had to leave it on for one week. My God, I swear it looked just like that. Well, not a boob with a hole, just the redness and chaffing part!

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