Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothing & Everything

Do you ever wonder why you dream the things you do? My dream last night involved the VP of the company I work for - shirtless & picking me up for work and a poodle. (I didn't eat late & I didn't eat anything weird)

A new week is upon us & I suspect that any of the things I have planned will fall through. Fall through what I have no idea but I doubt anything goes as I intend. Included in those plans are two nights in a work out class. Tonight is cardio and Thursday involves boxing. Me, a boxer, try to picture that. Another inclusion is no hooch until Friday evening which involves a large Mexican feast for 10 guests. I am already feeling the anxiety of preparing a perfect meal in a perfectly clean home.

I think of all the people in my life. I can't remember one person ever coming in or going out of my life that has caused me to stand still. That sounds awful & maybe it is. It could be why I only do things for 5 years and start over.

I wonder if when I were born and my mother first saw me did she think to herself -"there is my little fuck up". Awful, isn't it?

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