Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Good To Be Me

You have to love it when your regional district manager calls you and asks you to text him what you like from Starbucks the next morning.

My grande iced caramel macchiato - skinny with an extra shot just arrived on my desk. Ahhh, its good to be me!


Heff said...

Water with lemon would get you where you wanna be.

Suzi Q said...

*Napoleon Dynamite voice* Lucky!

Anonymous said...


Kimberly said...

Heff - The Bahamas?

Suzi - Jealous...oh, jealous.

Travis - !

The Bug said...

Nice - my boss would never in a million years do this for me. On the other hand, I wouldn't call him either :)

Just telling it like it is said...

I can admit I'm Jealous....but just a little

PinkPanthress said...

Great for you!

My Boss, too, does that on a Daily base, she does not really have to ask me what I want to drink or eat.
We don't have to talk... I just think of it, and she brings me what I wish for... ;)

KrippledWarrior said...

dang! you rule

Rathod Roshni said...

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