Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chickens & Cats - You Decide

While eating my Chobani yogurt and reading the news this morning, I came across this irritating article . When did gender neutralization become the "it" thing? Girls are girls regardless of their sexual orientation or preference. Boys are boys in the same way. Girls can get pregnant, boys can't. Girls have a menstrual cycle, boys don't. Boys grow facial and chest hair, most girls don't. Boys have an Adam's apple, girls don't. Grown men have throbbing hard cocks, um, most girls don't. Grown women have breasts that can nurture and feed their own children, men don't. Girls wear make up and its not really cool for boys to. Teaching a child to be who they want to be is one thing but not teaching a child what is appropriate for little boys and what is appropriate for little girls is another. "Little Jimmy you have a penis because you are a boy. Boys have a penis". "Little Kathy, you have a vagina because you are a girl. Girls have vaginas". "No little Jimmy you can't have a vagina because you have a penis and Little Kathy you can't have a penis because you have a vagina". "Yes, I know you were taught to choose what you wanted to be but Mother Nature made the choice for you. I am sorry I can't change that and misled you into a confusing decision".

When I was a wee little thing I played trucks with my boy cousins. Those same cousins played dolls with me. I even had a pair of boy cowboy boots and wore a football jersey. I wasn't trying to decide if wanted to be a boy or girl I was only wearing what I liked. Does anyone remember It's Pat from Saturday Night Live? To me, that was one of the most disturbing skits in entertainment history. No one knew what the fuck Pat was so no one knew how to treat her/him/it. So raise your kids to let them decide if they want to be a boy or girl. Let them be mistreated and bullied at school because the boys sit down to pee and carry a purse because you said it was ok. Let the girls use the same locker room as the boys so she can be labeled the school whore because in your eyes there should be equality. All of your precious little creatures will end up right here as an embarrassing joke for the entire world to enjoy. Go right ahead and may your life be as miserable as you have made theirs.


LaNeshe said...

Hi! I actually ended up writing a response post on the new trend of "genderlessness" if you wanna check it out http://www.nesheaholic.com/2011/06/genderless-what-makes-girl-what-makes.html

PinkPanthress said...

So you really think that by having a Laissez-faire take on parenting & being open-minded, parents screw up their childrens future?

I rather have a non-Macho, gay Son or a slightly butch Daughter than what I see in todays Society.

Daughters who spread their legs for everyone in College, just because everyone believes it is the right thing to do.
Or a Son who impregnates some bimbo-skank before he hits 16.

And while I find it quite stupid not to use 'him' or 'her' in preschool, I think their approach is not that bad.
For example, up until a few decades ago pink was the boy's colour & not vice versa.

Rathod Roshni said...

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