Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In or Out?

If you work in an office do you leave for lunch or do you eat in at your desk or in the break room? If you eat in, why? Is it because you only have a 30 minute break? Because it is economical? Because you don't eat out in public alone? Because you have no car? Because you have a food allergy which prohibits you to only foods you can prepare?

Do you drink coffee? Do you drink it from the company pot, make it at home or stop for one on the way in?

Whether eating or shopping I always leave the office for lunch. If I have to work through lunch and the only choices are to order in I won't eat at all.

I drink coffee at home on Sunday only. I rarely drink it at the office from the company pot. In the rare times I do is when I have a fru-fru creamer otherwise I'll have Starbucks on the way in.

What about you?


The Bug said...

I only get 30 minutes so I eat at my desk about 98% of the time. I almost always bring my lunch. Sometimes I go out just to drive around & listen to my audio book (today I went to DSW to look for new summer sandals - no luck). Sometimes I work through lunch so I can leave early.

I don't drink coffee - I keep my own brita water pitcher in the refrigerator. And drink Diet Sun Drop that I bring from home.

Red Shoes said...

I get whatever time my schedule allows. I do NOT mind eating lunch out somewhere alone... I do it quite often.

I've cut back on my coffee consumption though... I'm drinking more water...


Suzi Q said...

I get an hour for lunch and I don't get paid for it so I'm outta there for sure! But I also only live 2min. from work so I usually go home to let the dogs out - make a sammy there. The odd time the whole staff will order in, then depending on what is being ordered I may stay.

The coffee at my office is pure shit, I never drink it. If I need a coffee I usually I stop and get a Tim Horton's on my way in. Or I keep a stash of Earl Grey tea in my desk and boil a cup of water in the microwave.

Heff said...


Damn, I love hair pie.

Anonymous said...

In or out? Depends on if YOU are on the pill and had a recent check up and blood test.


I don't eat lunch and I don't drink coffee. :)

Anonymous said...

When I worked at the preschool I ate in the classroom during nap-time. I drink coffee mostly from home. Most places make it too strong for me.

LaNeshe said...

I usually eat at my desk. I don't have a time limit on my lunch, but I'm usually taking the time to eat and chat with my hubby on google talk at the same time. I rarely make my morning coffee at home if I drink it, I usually stop at a coffee shop along the way.

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