Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Aboard the Cougar Train

An employee has jumped ship. He has swam toward the horizon for larger and grander things. Before going overboard we had a little bye-bye for him. It started at Champy's with Champy's Lager, then onto California Dreaming with vodka cocktails and finishing at Stix with Salty Dogs.

Arriving at Stix we all chose to be seated at the bar and only 6 of us were in tow. Nate, the man of the hour, chose a seat between his wife and an anonymous woman. Beside the anonymous woman was one more anonymous woman. Anonymous lady no. 1 was in hot pursuit of some young dick. Nate wasn't in rare form but a good form and he was hamming it up in Cougarville. Anonymous lady no. 2 asked me in drunken whisper if that was his wife and I told her yes. Anonymous no. 2 began to tell Anonymous no. 1 that he was married and that was his wife. It didn't matter she was still trying to work it and she was working it hard. I believe I heard this "You've been a bad boy, now go to MY bedroom". It was pure spectacle for the rest of us to behold.

Before departing we all got around to names. I asked Anonymous lady no. 2 what her name was. Before we get to her name I'll share with you that she was large, had a severe Cajun accent and had dark frizzy hair. Her response "Coffee". I repeated it to her. She said "yes because I like to grind", all while actually grinding on the bar stool. 'Effin' awesome!

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