Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's No Secret

It's no secret I have no soft spot for children and in a recent article the not so soft spot became even harder. It seems a Pennsylvania teacher was venting on her blog about HER students. She was exclaiming what some of us already think. Teachers appear to me, afraid to teach, afraid to correct, are afraid to be in charge and rightly so with all of the delicate civil rights and liberties of their students being thrown in their faces daily. And wouldn't you just know it --- the teacher was suspended with pay.

When I was in school and as a matter of fact on my very first day of first grade I got a paddling from Mrs. Carpenter for going out to recess when I was told not to because I was talking in class. I had on a dress that came above my knees and my body was not blanketed by any fat so I remember the sting of the board, oh do I remember it and I when I got home I got another smacking for the smacking I got at school. See the pattern?

I had no idea what CPS or DHR was when I was growing up. If you were bad, you were punished and as far as I can see that is how it should be. No more "one more time and you're gonna get it" and then never get it. How has it gotten to this? Schools are places for teaching, learning and some of those lessons are to know what is right and what is wrong. If you are disobedient, then pay the price whether its detention, cleaning up the school grounds or suspension. Sniveling disrepectful brats, little back talking juvenile deliquents -- that is what schools are full of in this time and place and it is pitiful teachers have to tip-toe around their sensitive sensibilities because it might cause issues in some adverse way.

So here I am bitching about all kids in general because its free speech, right? I don't have a teaching job and my bitching is not on the same grounds as the teacher in question but it is bitching nonetheless. Will I lose my job?

If you are a kid in school or just a kid in general you aren't entitled to anything just because. You earn it, you learn it.


The Bug said...

I have a friend who was fired from his high school teaching job because between classes he was talking with some students. They were talking about piercings & he joked & said he had a nipple ring. Not really appropriate, but not fire-worthy either in my opinion. These children are not delicate flowers. To give her credit, the kid who got him fired said that she'd never been sexually harassed by him, but still...

KittyCat said...

Yes, i agree the kids these days think they are entitled to everything. and that there is no punishment for anything.
Drives me crazy.

KrippledWarrior said...

I agree. But the problem is rooted in the parents who coddle and gush over these little sociopaths. Liberals piss me off. Thanks for saying this.


Hear ,hear! Kids are little bastards these days who have far too much, expect too much and know the value of nothing!!!

* Don't tell my nieces I said that.

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