Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Could Be Italian

No, really I could. I have dark hair, a smigi of a larger nose, have dreams of pasta and always liked the name Giana. I could be, really.

This topic came about because a friend and I were talking about his neighborhood/borough which is made of different ethnicity's - Italian, Irish, Colombian and so on. He lives in Brooklyn, Greenpoint to be more specific. I've never been there but I suppose one day I will. His landlady - Jackie is a much older, elderly if you will Polish lady. From what my friend says - has a very thick accent - "ohhhh Anthonee you such a nice boheee".

Jackie came here years and years, ok decades ago. Has a daughter who has 3 kids of her own. Her daughter was one of those kids who shunned their heritage which leaves a huge communication slash connection gap with her mother. Sad, I say, sad.

So I think of all those quaint and kept to their selves communities full of people who traveled here from other parts of the world to gain a better life in the Big Apple by way of the quiet lady waving her torch known to many as Ellis Island. While I can't connect with those people I worry that the traditions they traveled across oceans with will disappear - the dialect, family recipes, old world stories of a simpler time.

I am an Alabamian by birth. Born here, still live here. My parents, their parents and their grand parents all were implanted in the Yellowhammer State. I have ventured outside of my birth zone - to live, to visit but I always find my way back. My family stories are my own and my family is pretty small by most standards.

I guess I could be Italian if Italian's ate cornbread, fried chicken and grits and named their bambini's Kimberly.


Laoch of Chicago said...

You should visit Brooklyn someday ... in the summer.

The Bug said...

My family's been over here for many generations - I'm assuming British. But it was so long ago that we really don't know anything about them. I was always a little jealous of folks with what I consider to be an actual "heritage." I guess my heritage is cornbread too - and I guess it's not as interesting to me because I grew up with it.

JLee said...

Italians are hot! I am dating a guy named Anthony whose grandfather's name is "Guido" No kidding! lol

KittyCat said...

My dad and brother both kinda look italian but actually are French.
too funny


I had a bit of Italian in me once. :)

Okay,more than once.

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