Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank You, I Guess

My mom and I went to an art & crafts festival last weekend. She ran into a friend of hers whom I never met so I was introduced to her. After they chitted and chatted for a couple of minutes, mom and I went on our way not before her friend exclaimed "your daughter is beautiful". My phone rings this morning before 6:30 am and it is my mother. I freak out when my phone rings early in the morning because early morning and late night calls never bring about good news. So mom is all yippee and yappy and says I have to tell you this - remember Mary you met last weekend?, sure I say. Mom then says well she came into work this morning and in front everyone just went on and on about how beautiful, pretty you were - your daughter is just pretty she says. My thought process - well, isn't that special, she must just feel really sorry for me because no one would ever say "holy fuck, your daughter favors a mule eating briars". I didn't say that to my mom because it pisses her off when I do it & she gets all feisty and says "can't you just take a compliment?". No, I can't.

How do you take compliments?


The Bug said...

I have a VERY hard time taking compliments. After all, the people are crazy, right? Because I'm not all that :)

I've worked to just say thank you instead of "Really? What are you smoking?"

Anonymous said...

Not very well actually....

f1trey said...

damn ya man.....ifn ya cant take em......what would nikki do?

justjock said...

I take mine with a shot of whiskey.

KittyCat said...

I DONT. I am terrible at it.

Maybe if I believed what the person was saying to be true, I might say thank you.

But since 99.9% of the time I dont agree. How do you say thank you?

Good one

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