Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Just In....

Pleasantly plump ladies earn 6% less than leaner ones, even if they are doing the exact same jobs.

If life wasn't already hard enough we now have to be thin to get the dead presidents? I sort of get it, its unfortunate but I do. Men often say they like gals with meat on their bones but when it comes to the nut cutting they want a skinny minnie and lets face it ladies there are more men in charge than women.

We are taught at an early age that fat is ugly and displeasurable. I'll never be a size 2, 4 or 6. I am not genetically wired for it. I am slightly above average in height and my bone structure is not petite. No, no, I am not making excuses for myself, I am stating the straight up truth. While I'd love to be a size 4 so my lover could sling me around the room it is just not going to happen while there is a hint of breathe in my body. There was a time spanning ten years or so where I was pretty conscious of everything I did to my body and some of those things were not healthy no matter what I tell myself. My lowest weight ever was 130lbs which allowed me to hang around a size 6 for a little while but I think the pants were sized wrong. While at this weight, mi familia told me that I looked sickly, gaunt and I just reveled in those little notations. I had achieved a significant weight loss in just a couple of months - no dark sodas, gallons of water, miles of walking, eating but a pinch here or a pinch there and then gladly treking to the bathroom and purging. No folks, its not glamourous but oh how did it work.

Now, if I tried any of the above now, I would probably harm or maim most everyone I know. When I don't eat boy do I get cranky so to save the world any heartache or chaos I just eat as I see fit.


Red Shoes said...

I was reading a blog on women's sizes... and I responded about this one woman I used to date. She felt large at 150, but sheeesh, she was hot...

But you are right.. there is all kinds of discrimination out there...


Christiejolu said...

I think your weight should be how you feel comfortable...I was super skinny all my life...Now after 2 kids and a thyroid surgery I am not super skinny(I am about 140)...and I actually feel healthy...

KittyCat said...

I agree, you are right. Skinny women do get more advantages, if it is in a company that is mostly men.

However I agree with Christijolu that your weight should be what your comfortable with. No matter the freakin number.

KrippledWarrior said...

When ever I see those skinny super model tyes, the first thing that goes through my mind is; "Honey, let me make you a sandwich. You must be starving."

BLOGGER'S UNION --you're very funny young lady.

The Savage said...

I heart your honesty... Muah!


I used to be a size 4 [I am petite build anyway]but had to live on 5 radishes and 2 carrots a day[stretching them to make 3 meals,no less] and worked out 5 hrs a day. I looked fabulous[family member's opinions did not count]but felt like shit!

We're so vain in our 20's!LOL

Still love carrots and radishes though!


Do you suffer any long terms health effects, Kimmy?

I never used to vomit[ I was a compulsive exerciser instead] but the lack of food is why I developed hypoglycemia[which is bullshit].

Hope you got by unscathed.

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