Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Why do your eyes get red when you cry? Why do they swell & get puffy?

Why is a broken hip a sure sign of impending death?

Why does alcohol allow you to admit more about yourself than you should?

Why do girls say they want a good guy when they will love a piece of shit more?

Why is the work week 5 on & 2 off?

Why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been found?

What makes breasts more attractive than elbows?

What if life everlasting in a kingdom made of gold and precious jewels is the grandest fairy tale of all? (If it isn't or is, we'll never know)


KrippledWarrior said...


Anonymous said...

I like Kurts answer...If you find the answers let me know please!

Red Shoes said...

I will stab at the ones I know something about...

Hmmm... Broken hips tend to be a sign of impending death for the older set... I don't know of too many young people that break hips and die... besides, many of the broken hips are due to the bone structure becoming more brittle...

Alcohol allows us to break free of our inhibitions... but then, so do masks... ever been to a masquerade party and see some of what goes on at them?? ;o)

Girls may want good guys, but you all ADORE bad boys... unfortunately, I can't compete with Bad Boys... but I did buy the book, 'Bad Boys For Dummies'... however it hasnt worked yet... maybe they have a remedial one...

Elbows don't have nipples...

OBL hasnt been found because a couple of foreign governments are taking care of him... ifn you know what I mean...



LOL@ Red Shoes.

Sure beats my answer which was

My word verification: greadi :)

Judi said...

Why not?:)

Brown said...

I agree with red shoes....nipples make all the difference.

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