Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Believe...

That every drop of Coca-Cola is laced with heroine because it so damn good and so damn addicting.

That we are puppets on a string.

That I have a higher calling than being a beer bitch.

That every time my GYN touches my boobs she wished she were lesbian.

That you can get no fresher Sunbeam bread than you do at Dreamland BBQ.

That grilled food can ignite cancer cells.

How you handle bad days is how you handle the majority of your life.

That the person who designed hospital gowns was a perv.

Butterfly kisses are freakish.

There was a bandwagon for Alabama - Auburn football last year.

That skorts are stupid.


The Bug said...

Yes yes yes...

I bought a pair of skorts once. Then I had buyer's remorse. They are cute from the front where they look like a short skirt - from the back? Not so much.


I am with you on the coke thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Coke definitely uses heroin! And skorts are so stupid...Although I do buy them for my girls so the pervy boys at school can't lift their skirts...LOL!

KrippledWarrior said...

I like the way skorts let the breeze go up past my knees.
I've never been to a GYN. Should I put that on my bucke3t list?

And I've been too addicted to Mountain Dew to remember what Coke tastes like!

Alice in Wonderland said...

I never drink coke...have you seen the things that stuff can do?
I only drink sparkling mineral water,
it's better for my health!
Skorts are stupid while horse riding, and not very comfortable! And I am so totally with you on the Hospital gowns thing. I used to ask for two so I could wear one tied at the front as well as the can't be too careful, now if only they could get the length just right...

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I like these. Not a big fan of Coke though, It's like battery acid isn't it?

Reggie said...

To be honest I never gave it much thought; but you're absolutely right about the bread at Dreamland BBQ!!!

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