Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I mentioned a free concert -- Jimmy Buffett and Friends: Live from the Gulf Coast. The tickets were free and available this morning through and a handful of TicketMaster outlets starting at 10 am. There was a limit of 4 per household. The amount of tickets issued: 35,000. The concert sold out in 6 minutes. Now, the concert was to promote tourism on the Gulf Coast due to the current oil disaster now two months in the running. In short, a benefit concert.

Not one person I know got their nubs on a ticket including me. My TicketMaster account was up & I was pre-perched on the venue for the 10 am purchase time. As my timer tick tocked to he exact minute I begin the process - no tickets available. Within minutes of the concert "selling" out a set of 10 tickets were available on Ebay from a seller out of Canada for $1800.00. Did you get that? Eighteen hundred dollars for 10 tickets to a free benefit concert. There were also tickets on Craig's List but those listings were quickly removed.

Am I the only one who sees a small issue here?


Anonymous said...

That sucks big time...This is the kind of greed that makes this world suck....I know how you feel...I would be truly pissed...I bet Jimmy Buffet would be too...That $ should be used to clean up the Gulf not for personal greed...

Just telling it like it is said...

Should have done what any self respecting woman would do to get what she should have flashed your boobage! It could have been you and Jimmy!

Mildred Ratched said...

I tried for over 30 minutes...when I found out later that people had tickets up on Ebay it really pissed me off. The nightly news said Ebay and Stub Hub removed all listings that had tickets to this concert up for sale. That made me feel alittle better, but I have to admit it would make me feel even better if they just open it up to however many people can pack in along the beach at Gulf Shores.

Heff said...

Yeah, I heard about this. I hate that for you, but I figured they'd go so fast that people would be left in the dust.

Hey, you can't use your LandShark Lager connections to get in ?? You know Jimmy Buffet has a strong connection to LandShark....

See ya in Margaritaville !

Kimberly said...

Christie - its blood money! Ok not really, oil money.

Just Tellin' - I flashed my boobs at my computer. It didn't help.

Mildred - it was nuts. But, Kaiser realty said on the news last night that they were giving away two tickets with a hotel/condo rental. I call bull shit.

Heff - don't you worry your precious little skullet. I already have my "worker pass" to attend.

Red Shoes said...

I heard news of it "selling out" in record time... and that eBay was pulling the auctions... but it still indicates problems with the system... I'm sorry you werent able to get tickets... :o(



Don't kill me but who the eff is Jimmy Buffet?

Why'd you want to hang around a hazard zone anyway?

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