Friday, June 18, 2010


sometimes there are three tines in the salad fork. And sometimes --

I was observing an older couple a couple of days ago. An older over weight, children are grown, hoarding, home remodeling couple. As they meandered around their home I thought "man, I do not want to grow old this way". Then I thought about all of the older people I know --- days spent at the doctor, no real vacations, whining and crying about how poorly they feel. I don't want to grow old that way either. I think of celebrity type older people of the same age who somehow look fabulous and by somehow I mean money has helped purchase their appearance.

I have no idea where this post is going so I'll just get right into what I am trying to squeal about --- if you aren't in shape, young or attractive then what is the point of anything? If you are ugly, treat you a certain way. If you are fat, people treat you a certain way. If you don't believe me, scuzzy yourself up and head to the mall. If you aren't all sassy and dolled up the "associates" will look right through you. That's right ladies - if you want to go to shopping and want to have good service you have to dress up. Shallow but it is so the truth. Ninety percent of success is showing up but its how you show up. The ninner-ninner saying "I might be fat but your ugly and I can lose weight" holds water. You have to be both skinny and beautiful to be successful.

While I still have a smidgen of my winter coat and am no longer a spring chicken, I don't feel old but I know better. There is a passel of young men who come to my desk every morning. We chit chat, make fun of each other. We talk about grabbing a beer after work but I feel like their mother or favorite aunt. Its a disgusting feeling and I would bet an older man (regardless of weight or looks) would love a basket full of young girls ON his desk every morning & never twitch in the wrong way knowing he were old enough to be their grandfather. Now I know why we want to hold onto our youth, not so we we can live forever but so we can look good. Admit it ladies, when our bodies were forming & we were coming into our own, stepping out into the big bad world for the first time we could have whatever we wanted. My 20's were my golden years and I have mourned their passing for 5 years.


Funny thing how a little color makes everyone look better - but the sun is bad for you, tanning beds are a natural disaster for any body and self tanners make you smell like bad cheese.

It appears to be more acceptable to be a drug user than be fat & ugly. Anyone know a dealer?

"The devil has put a pentalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat".
~~ Albert Einstein


Heff said...

This post DOES kinda ramble, lol.

....and just gonna sit here and wait for my gift....

Heff said...

Where'd you say you work again ? LMAO !!!

Kimberly said...

Heff - I might be 35 years old but I can kick your ass!

Anonymous said...

Is that a trick question? (The drug dealer one)

Anonymous said...



LMAO@ 'scuzzy yourself up and go to the mall.'

And i's only in middle age we realize that we did not exploit our youth enough!

But be thankful bitch -I just turned 45 and when you do, you will look back and really cry.

Have a nice day! :)


Who's the Chinese guy?I've seen him around.

Just telling it like it is said...

Why do you think I drink all the time!

Laoch of Chicago said...

On a positive note, the sun is actually quite good for you in moderation as Vitamin D seems to be proving to be essential to good health.

Kimberly said...

Christie - Why? Do you have one?

Uberbitch - I am thankful. Thankful every day that I have a lovely red headed British bitch on my side.

Just Tellin' - I drink because I support MY product. (It is what I tell myself)

Loach - moderation is key but not something I practice.

Red Shoes said...

I am FAR from a spring chicken... but when it comes time for me to go toes up, I intend to have worn this carcass OUT!!! :oD

As for you kicking Heff's ass, I wanna watch!! HAR!!!


Single and Sane said...

We do put too much emphasis on looks because we're basically shallow. At 75, my mother tried to let her hair go white and people treated her like an old lady so she gave up on the white hair and now nobody treats her like an old lady. She didn't change - only her hair did.

We're just silly people.

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