Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sleeping Beast

I would never share what I am going to share with you because its not the type of sharing I do, so with that blanket PO in place, here we go:

My monthly friend who I call Ricky Martin is due in any day. His plane is circling the airport as I type this. His monthly arrivals cause huge waves (no pun) of uncomfortableness and bitchmentia. One of the largest symptoms besides incredibly sore boobs, so sore you can't even look at them, back pain, cramps, bloating, face break outs, paranoia, and overall body swelling is an increased appetite.

Today's Appetite Increase included:

1 bag BBQ Fritos
Hershey bar w/almonds
2 cokes
A large chef salad which someone asked if they could have some of & I didn't mean to but I growled like a rabid dog
A cup of ice
A mini Southern Belle Chicken Salad Sandwich
4 brownies
Not enough water

Newsflash ~~ the day isn't over. I still have dinner to face. Which if I am lucky will include the bottle of Midol I could not find at lunch and an entire bottle of wine.

I'll be so glad when his ass leaves town.


Just telling it like it is said...

The Day isn't over...How many times do I have to ask you where the HELL are you...girl crush

The Bug said...

Yesterday I felt the same way & actually went to look at the calendar. Alas, I was just being piggy. Sigh.

JLee said...

Damn that Ricky Martin!! lol
When he visits me I am all about the chocolate and french fries (or anything edible that is fried)

Cat said...

I actually lose my appetite when Aunt Flo comes over. The bloatyness makes me feel extra fat and that turns me off food. That and when the cramps get really bad, even thinking of food makes me nauseous.

Laoch of Chicago said...

bbq fritos! So evil.

Rathod Roshni said...

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