Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warm Puppies

Today I was pillaging through through a candy bowl chocked fill of mini Snicker and Twix chocolates. Next to the bowl was a short stack of books. I quickly scanned the titles and chose a book titled The Meaning of Life by Bradley Trevor Greive. The book, small and green, was filled with silly pictures of animals with great inspiration written beneath each picture. As I began to read through the book, not yet inspired, discovered the book offered "punches" to help you begin the life you have so sought. The very one that you put on the back burner. As I continued to read my chest puffed up a little and my hunched over position became a little taller and thought I can surely put into motion what I really want to do. Then I happened across a page with this question --What do you truly love? -- I couldn't answer the question. Assuming the answer is different for everyone and deeper than a new handbag or John Stamos' hair, I felt lost. Another kuwinkidink about finding this book was that someone just recently made this comment to me and I quote "it seems like I am always waiting for my life to begin". What do you say to that? When does our life begin? At our first breath or is it when we discover that every second that ticks away brings us closer to our unavoidable fate and then realize this is OUR life, it's gonna roll by pretty quick, so do what you love, love what you do, if you know what that love is? Go, find it and love it. Ok, that was YOUR cue.

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet". -- Emily Dickinson


The Bug said...

Shortly after we got married my husband started school again (we MET in school!). We had our 19th anniversary in December. This is the first year that he is working full time with his completed degree (Ph.D in American History). The whole time he was in school I thought - don't want to invest myself too much in this community - we'll be moving soon. Don't want to worry about a career - we'll be moving soon. We lived for TWELVE years in the same place - I think it would have been safe to invest myself!

So, even though I know that we will probably move again at some point, I'm trying to dive in & just live where I am.

Heff said...

You mean we're all gonna DIE one day ?? Oh, NO !!

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts to ponder! I know what the Bug is talking about, not really living life and looking to the future. This is something I have been trying to change in my life. I am going to school getting a degree in education, which will make half the money of the nursing career I was originally going for. But I know I will love teaching so much more!

KrippledWarrior said...

That's why I became a warrior and did it for so long. Then I had a family and found a new love. Computer Warfare!


I love ME,hence I can't shake me.
I do treat m well though.

NK said...

I think we need to stop looking for a destination and just enjoy the ride.

Oh and though it may not be overly masculine to say, I do love some warm puppies.

BlazngScarlet said...

Like NK said, it's not about where were going, it's what happens on the way.
We move at such a dizzying pace, it's hard to take in all the beautiful nuances.
Breathe in.
Look around.

Life is happening all around.

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