Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Thoughts 16

I realized last night that people are stupid. Stupidity is not biased, partial or racist - it treats all free thinking and non thinking humans with equal just and unjust.

I've also realized that the men of today are not gentlemen or gentlemanly in nature. I work with a 95% male workforce. No one opens the door or holds the door for you, if you are struggling with a large box of paper or a 5 gallon bottle of water not one male counter part will offer to help with it - doesn't matter that my uterus just fell to the floor either. The men folk tend to scratch, burp and are flatulent right around the corner from your desk. They don't shave everyday, clothes are wrinkled. It is a shame and I am not sure why other than I when I was 7 years old I said I wanted to marry a gentleman.

"Sir, you are no gentleman." ~~ Scarlett O'Hara
"And you, miss, are no lady...Don't think that I hold that against you. Ladies have never held any charm for me." ~~ Rhett Butler


NK said...

Thank God I fall into the 5%. :) Perhaps as a male I should argue with you and defend men... unfortunately you are more right than I care to admit. We need more chivalry in the world.

Just telling it like it is said...

I think you have a point there..that is why I only date A personality men...they are neat, clean, genterally have no personality, are good in bed...you can't have everythingh rigjt...think of your self lucky thought...working with women is a terrible fait as you will have to be working with back stabbing gossipy women...or maybe that was my exsprience...act dumb is what I do....works everytime...

KrippledWarrior said...

I make no apologies for men. But if all of them were Gentlemen, You'd not know what a true gentleman was really like. But the jack booted thugs of the Feme-NAZI movement have scared the bejeepers out of the gentlemanly posers.
And now the nerds are sporting tattoos and doing the George Michael beard thing.
How can my brothers know what you want? Unless you school some of them. You can culture a pearl.

Heff said...

Sorry. I just farted.

tattytiara said...

I was loading a sound system into a restaurant the other day and had a guy run half a block to get to the door in time to open it for me. He'd been outside having a smoke, so by the time he got there the poor guy was wheezing like an asthmatic in a talcum factory.

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