Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Material Girl?

I am a materialistic person. Maybe because I'm an only child and everything I have ever gotten was just mine. I never had to share. Never had to be jealous because a sibling trumped me with the birth of twin Cabbage Patch kids, my single birth was fine. It's not because I was not shown any love or nurturing as I grew up. Not only did I have parents but I had 11 grandparents. How is that even possible you say? Longevity maybe? I knew my great-great grandmother, Wannie, on my mom's mother's mother's side. She passed away when I was 12 at the golden age of 98. When I was a wee-one and my mom decided to work I would spend my days with my great grandmother, Nannie, and at 4:20 pm when Granny got home, no we didn't burn one, I would go to her house and chill until mom picked me up. Summer vacations were spent with Nannie & Pa, Mama Ruth & Paw Paw & Mama Cooper & Granddaddy. To say the least I have tons of memories of each of them, each loved & spent large amounts of time with me. Sadly I am down to two grandparents, Granny & Papa, my mother's parents.

In short material things are of great value to me and this blog post was sparked by my mother's words from a conversation yesterday "material things have always been important to you". Not sure if that was some sort of sucker punch at my character. One thing about my mom is she takes no accountability for the person I became and she will dig at my core issues. She likes to tell me "you will never be satisfied". I do acquire lots of things but I will purge them ever year or so, so I can replenish with fresher, newer shinier objects which must be a part of dissatisfaction or just keeping up with the Kardashian's?

Do tell me how important are material things to you?


The Savage said...

That's what I like about you. You blatantly admit to being a material girl. You don't deny your character.
I am not a materialistic kind of a guy. I do like nice things but I prefer functional over form.

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KrippledWarrior said...

He/She who dies with the most toys is still dead.
It's OK to own things. It only becomes detrimental when things own you...

BlazngScarlet said...

I say it's better to know WHO you are .... good, bad and ugly.
I myself am not overly materialistic.
By nature, I am very practical. For myself.
However, I LOVE to splurge, pamper and indulge those closest to me and that I love.
It makes me happy.


Of course material things are important. What is the point of life except to work hard and buy things that give us great pleasure that are better/more expensive than the next guys ?
It's what motivates life,work,progress,everyhing !

* aside- have you seen Joy's new get away mansion? The fucker doesn't even plan to live in it full time!
I was so thrilleed at the idea of buying a house[outright] until I saw his megamansion.

He's a materialistic, show off, [lucky]bastard, I think.


Oh, just read your comments. I'd like to change my answer,please.

I don't care for material things AT ALL. Diamaonds? Please! My pleasurs are simple-doing good deeds to enhance everybody else's life. Those rewards and pleasures in life cannot be bought or owned.

[ so what kind of car do you drive?]

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