Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is It Wrong? (just two more)

Team blogs. Is blogging so hard that it takes more than one person to put down their own ideals and opinions? I thought blogging was a sort of independent thought itself?

Political blogs. Yes, I voted. No I don't understand every platform. I can not tell you the difference between liberal vs. conservative other than in my mind liberal means very open minded & conservative means you play your cards close the vest & you aren't wasteful. Both are probably wrong. Republican vs. Democrat? I don't even know where to start. Seems like everyone got on some type of bandwagon this year albeit political or college football fanaticism. Everyone rode the Obama train & all the others rode the cruise ship into Alaska.

Another example - fashion. Maybe its because the media really emphasizes Herve Lager classic styles or the utmost importance of a Louis Vuitton speedy bag. Who really of the middle class working folk knew who Mr. Blahnik was before Sex and the City? I get the idea of wearing brand name clothing. Otherwise how would you achieve popularity in middle or high school?

There was a time when politics and religion were considered rude topics. There was a time when you would never ask someone where they got something or how much something cost because it also considered rude. But there has always been a time when we judged people based on their clothing, political stance and college football choice which is a form of rudeness all it's own.

Are we just rude people?


NK said...

I think the purpose of team blogs is to give the reader different writing voices (??not sure if that was what you were asking about) I suppose thats why anthologies with multiple authors sell better than a collection of short stories written by unknown author X. I could be wrong though.


Jo said...

I don't think I would participate in team blogging. I have found that a lot of bloggers create little cliques, and have blog "parties" where they all post about the same things. Those bore me to tears. I am sort of a "lone blogger".

I grew up in a household were politics, religion, current events, and so much more, was discussed all the time, so I rather like blogging about those things, but not on a personal level.

Kimberly said...

NK - I haven't noticed a different prospective on the team blogging unification.

Jo - I agree with you. But what I am saying about political blogerss - is the banter usually just tunnels and tunnels and never gets anywhere. There is never a middle ground - its black or white. Which I guess is fine. You like I blog about all things - we aren't limited to one subject but lately all I seem to do is bitch about other blogs. Go figure.

Heff said...

We're just rude people.

Speaking of, Heff's Bar And Grill re-opens 02/24/2010, Sukki Dixx.

f1trey said...

sorry babe... rude rules....... its not my idea though

KrippledWarrior said...

@NK, Your last sentence was the most profound.

@Jo, You could have stopped after your first three words.

@Kimberly, The difference between a liberal and a conservative is; A liberal is a conservative that hasn't been mugged,raped or robbed yet.
I realy like to mix it up!

De Campo said...

Team blogging is a great way to ensure that no one outside your team reads your blog.

This inevitably leads to less rude comments.

I’ve learned my lesson about getting to political via blogger. You should have seen the outrage when I officially endorsed Cthulhu for president.

The Savage said...

You're pretty!

Que said...

How rude of you to ask!

JLee said...

I steer right about those political and/or religious blogs. But I'll talk about sex all day long. ha

Laoch of Chicago said...

Jean-Paul Sartre once said, "Hell is other people."


Yes , we are very rude. Especially landlords. They take all your money or kick you out intop the street like a heartless pimp.

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