Monday, February 8, 2010

Every Day Use

I often use words & I know what they mean but don't know the exact definition of this morning three words came to mind:

Shallow - 1. of little depth; not deep
2. lacking depth; superficial

Shrewd - 1. astute or sharp in practical matters
2. keen; piercing

Mealy Mouth - No back-bone. Passive. Submissive. Perceived as a "sweet" person. A term mostly applied to women (by other women) who will neither engage in straight conversation nor take action.

Frank - direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere

I don't think I've ever called anyone shallow but I have swam in shallow water.

I have never really used the word shrewd & for some reason when I think of this word
I think of Elizabeth Taylor.

Well I can't say I've used mealy mouth either but I heard Scarlett O'Hara use it once. "You'd rather live with that silly little fool who can't open her mouth except to say "yes" or "no" and raise a passel of mealy-mouthed brats just like her."

Can I be frank? Well, frankly I've probably never used it either. Forever I thought it meant can I be Frank? Like a famous Frank - Frank Sinatra or Frankenstein.

You feel smarter now, don't you?

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