Thursday, February 11, 2010

*Choose Your Own Title

I must be the most cynical and miserable person in the world --- newborn baby blogs? Cat blogs? Crafty blogs? Am I that bitter or just plain ol' boring? Millions of blogs and I have a found a handful that I can bare to stomach. What the fuck? I am friends with cat lovers and quilters. However, I choose not to become friends with people who have children and the people I do consider friends who do have children, well I am never around their kids. People who have children tend to lose themselves(hey, my blog, my opinion) in carpooling, homework, baseball, gymnastics, after school care, tee-ball practice, chicken nuggets & juice boxes. My mother was very um, around in my childhood but I walked to school (for real), I coordinated my own travel to volleyball, softball, football games and practices from age 10 to 17. I cleaned my own room. I took care of the material things I had. I ate what was put before me. I went to bed at 8:00 PM even when I was a senior in high school. I was spanked as a younger child and when I got older my parents resorted to "talking" and "grounding". My parents set restrictions and rules - I followed them with no feet stomping, breathe holding episodes. If I fucked up, I accepted the punishment.

What has happened to the parents of today? "If you do that one more time" turns into12 more times. Time outs? Rolling in the floor? Noodle body?

I guess I am not a parent because I'd probably end up in jail for child abuse.

Please, please point me in the direction of interesting reads - humor, drug abuse, confessionals, hoarders, shop-a-holics, alcoholics, posts that make you cry and those that make you feel good. I'll be waiting.


The Bug said...

OK, here are two you might enjoy.

Que said...

What happens when it is a humorous take on said subjects? Here are a couple of my favorite blogs. I submit these to you for your complete scrutiny (said in a British accent).

I am in need of an opinion from someone who HATES these kinds of blogs. I think that would great criticism since I'm going for the funny!

Ranger Tom said...

Oh I hear you... And no one could be more cynical than me, could they?

BamaTrav said...

No title, just a Valentines Day kiss for you. *muah*

KrippledWarrior said...

You have inspired me. Tomorrow's blog will be: "MOMMAS DON'T LET YOUR BIKERS GROW UP TO BE BABIES." And you get the props.

Frank said...

Craft blogs are the worst.


f1trey said...


The Savage said...

I wish I wrote a blog that was interesting enough to read....

Christiejolu said...

Here are 3 of my favorite blogs.

NK said...

Yeah, where are these blogs? I have no life myself and yet day after day I blog about...

Well, anyhow, I agree too many 'new mommy blogs'. But I have found a few parent blogs that were actually decent to read. A few.

Crafting blogs of the other hand...

SkitzoLeezra said...

Ha! THAT, Kim, is why you and I gotta keep reading each other's bitchy ass blogs - the marrieds and the breeders are multiplying! Why, oh, why do they suppose that we give a shit about their spawn's soccer practice?
Writer of a craft blog,
but considerate enough to keep it separate from my "rant" blog,
I am,
Skitzo Leezra
Skitzo Leezra Studio

JLee said...

Do you read "Post Secret"?

Kimberly said...

Bug - I am a fan of fragrant liar.

Que - if I must...but I might not be gentle.

Uncle Tom - no one is more cynical than you.

Travis - smooches!!

Warrior - Gimme my props.

Frank - where you been?

Trey - I was normal once. Just once.

Savage - you're an engima wrapped in a riddle.

NK - I can't handle mommy or parent blogs. Is that wrong?

Christie - thank you. Check is in the mail.

Skitzo - we must meet. Bourbon Rocks, tomorrow @ 3:00 pm. I'll be the drunk bitch on the bar.

JLee - I am Post Secret.

Que said...

Ah... but the truth is often unkind.

SkitzoLeezra said...

Oh, shit, Kim, I missed your c'mon to Bourbon Rocks. 3 is way too early for me.
Hope you are having fun!
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy La Bah!
Word verification::snotion::
sounds like a new health care product

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